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A few points from recent history...

Silicon Valley and IT History

From the beginning of IT-history, a great deal of IT key-solutions have been reaching worldwide IT-market from California's Silicon Valley

There are several different approaches to describe this general IT-tendency.

The first level usually focuses on Silicon Valley's professional community.

About 40 years ago Stanford University (Palo-Alto, California) had some financial problems.

Fred Terman tried to solve the problems by leasing part of the university's land to high-tech companies for 99 years.

A quarter of century later this decision was called Silicon Valley's starting point.

The phrase Silicon Valley first appeared in 1971 in a series of articles

that journalist Don C. Hoefler 1971 the first microprocessor - 4004-chip, Intel,

1976 the first Personal Computer - Apple 1,Apple Computer,

... the story is not yet complete.

William Hewlett used the supernova concept to clarify his viewpoint to Silicon Valley history and named Lee de Forest the father of Silicon Valley.

From our viewpoint the supernova is not merely a literature metaphor...

For a few decades after invention of the first radio-amplifier the total level of radio-emission from earth increased millions of times in comparison with the normal level of emission of a 300 Kelvin-degree planet. For the shortest time the Earth became #1 source of the radio-emission in the solar system (Joseph Shklovski, 1981).

If somebody is looking through a radio-telescope to the Solar system from another part of the galaxy, he can see the radio explosion like the birth of a new star on the Earth planet.

Do you have any idea what kind of astro-physical measurement can detect the other dimensions of the explosion triggered by computer as an intellectual amplifier? Then please share it with us at least.

The third level of Silicon Valley history focused on financial concerns.

PC revolution

December 1980, Apple goes public. Morgan Stanley and Co. and Hambrecht & Quist underwrite an initial public offering of 4.6 million shares of Apple common stock at a price of $22 per share. Every share is bought within minutes of the offering, making this the largest public offering since Ford went public in 1956

(Source: Apple Computer, Inc. -- Corporate Timeline...)

WWW revolution

August 1995, Netscape Communications Corp., a 16-month-old Mountain View company was going public. Netscape issued 5 million shares to the public and kept another 33 million for executives, venture capitalists and other early backers. August,10 closing price left the company with market valuation of $1.96 billion "

(Source: Bee News Services, August 11,1995)

It was the biggest IPO in history ...

gross revenue
Now about 4,000 IT-related companies located along Highway 101
from San Francisco to San Jose generate approximately

$200 billions

in IT-related revenue annually

It was not difficult to predict

where the next IT-wave would come from .

To look at new areas of business development of

Silicon Valley Companies was enough.

However, to predict today where the next IT- revolution will come from is no easy task:

The WWW project was launched in Europe (March1989),

The original version of user friendly Web brouser - Mosaic was developed in Chicago IL(Jan1993).

Silicon Valley is explosively expanding its geographical borders

It was only

a small part of Palo-Alto 's Stanford University Park 40 years ago.

It has become one of the fastest growing regions of California today....

And there will not be any geographical borders for Silicon Valley's future,


it is transforming itself to

Internet Valley

which is destroying any geographical limits for the new kind of human being.

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